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YouTuber Barely Survives After Cementing His Own Head in Microwave!

A Real Block Head!

YouTube can be a dangerous place, especially when you add a little humor, some sense of adventure and a lot of stupidity. We've all seen stunts that had the potential to go bad and there are a bevy of sites out there that make it their ungodly business to bring you video footage of events that have a grisly and deadly outcome.
For this Youtuber out of England the stunt he tried to pull off and the video he intended to post up could have easily found itself on a site that features death and gore had it not be for the local fire department.

“It took us nearly an hour to free him. All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need.”

The Video!