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YouTuber Reveals Her Lasered and Covered Nikko Hurtado Tattoo!

Check Out the Finished Product

Ask anyone in the industry who paved the way for photorealism tattooing, and they'll say Nikko Hurtado. Hurtado changed the tattoo game forever when he introduced techniques that had never been done before and has inspired millions of artists from around the world. However, despite being a legend and an icon, Hurtado has still shown growth as an artist and you can look back on his earlier work to see his improvement. Model and YouTuber captured how far Hurtado has come in a video that shows her removing and covering one of his older pieces. Take a look at the gallery below to see her tattoo transformation and let us know what you think of her brand new piece in the comments section on Facebook.

Check Out the Finished Tattoo!

Watch Eden's video to see the entire process and the unbelievable finished product.