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You've Seen 'Salt Bae' Before, But Have You Heard of 'Tatt Bae'?

World-renown tattoo artist, Lil B, goes ham on his latest masterpiece in this "Salt Bae" parody.

Lil B Salts Up A Sleeve

Move over Salt Bae, 'cause there's a new sprinkling heartthrob in town, "Tatt Bae."

World-traveling tattoo artist, Lil B, recently posted a hilarious video on his Instagram where he imitates the world-renowned "Salt Bae." However, instead of seasoning a slab of steak, Lil B a.k.a. Tatt Bae slaps, lathers and rubs up on his client's freshly inked arm. Since Lil B already has a long mane that he oftentimes ties up in a pony tail, all he had to do was slap on a dark pair of sunglasses to nail the part of the sensational Abu Dhabi-based chef, Nusret Gokce.

salt bae tatt bae lil b

Source: YouTube @BruhStudios; Instagram @lilbtattoo

Source: YouTube @BruhStudios; Instagram @lilbtattoo

Lil B a.k.a. Tatt Bae

This might be the best salt bae meme we've scene yet! Lil B kills it, yet again!

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