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Zayn Malik Debuts Two New Neck Tattoos

He Went on a Tattoo Spree After His Breakup

It's safe to say that boy band members certainly aren't what they used to be. Gone are the bowl cuts and three piece suits of The Beatles—the current and former singers behind today's top boy bands are covered in ink. Although they've now been disbanded, the members of the UK sensation One Direction are all grown up and tatted up, proving that ink drives teens wild. One of the most tattooed singers in the group, Zayn Malik, has taken his commitment to ink to the next level and continues to collect large statement pieces with no sign of slowing down. In fact, in just 2018 alone he has gained media attention a whopping four different times for sporting brand new ink. Take a look at the latest work that the celeb has shown off on social media and let us know your thoughts on his viral tattoos in the comments section on Facebook.

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to Malik's active social media to see the reveal of his second neck piece.