While you're probably familiar with a handful or two of classic cocktails, there are thousands upon thousands of drink options out there. And some of them happen to be straight up filthy. Take a look at 18 cocktails that sound extremely sexual and will definitely earn you a few looks if you order them at the bar. Then let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section on Facebook. 

wet pussy

Wet Pussy

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Gin

1 oz Coconut Rum

1 oz Peach Schnapps

Splash Pineapple Juice

Splash Cranberry Juice

In a shaking glass with ice, combine vodka, gin, coconut rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. Shake well. Then strain mix into a shot glass.

tight snatch

Tight Snatch

1/2 oz Malibu Rum

1/2 oz Peach Schnapps

Splash Cranberry Juice

Splash of Pineapple Juice

1/2 oz Bacardi Superior Rum

Shake well with ice and pour into a cooled glass.

suck bang blow

Suck, Bang and Blow

1 oz Vodka

3 oz Tequila

1 oz Triple Sec

2 oz Goldschlager

1 oz Hpnotiq

1 oz Jagermeister

1 oz Citrus Vodka

1 oz Orange Gin

1 oz Rumple Minze

1 cup of sugar

1 peeled lime

2 splashes cranberry juice

5 oz Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Blend all ingredients with ice until smooth and serve in a hurricane glass.


Slippery Nipple

1/2 oz Butterscotch Schnapps

1/2 oz Irish Cream 

10 ml Grenadine 

Mix butterscotch and cream into a shot glass. Then pour shot glass contents into a beer mug with grenadine.


Sex With an Alligator

1/4 oz Midori

1/2 oz Pineapple Juice

1/2 oz Chambord

1/2 oz Jaggermeister

Mix Medori and pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a glass and layer with Chambord. Finally, pour Jaggermeister on top.


Sex in the Woods

1 1/4 oz Midori

1 oz Banana Liqueur

1 oz Malibu Rum

1 oz Vodka

4 oz Pineapple Juice

Shake ingredients and pour into a chilled rocks glass.


Sex in the Driveway

1 oz Blue Curacao

2 oz Vodka

1 Can of Sprite

Mix ingredients in a high ball glass and serve on ice.

sex on the beach

Sex on the Beach

1 1/2 oz of Vodka

1/2 oz Peach Schnapps

1 1/2 oz of Orange or Pineapple Juice

1 1/2 oz of Cranberry Juice

1/2 oz of Chambord

Mix and shake all ingredients with ice. Strain and serve in a high ball glass over fresh ice.

sex on my face

Sex on My Face

1/2 oz Crown Royal

1/2 oz Coconut Rum

1/2 oz Southern Comfort

1/2 oz Banana Liqueur

Splash Cranberry Juice

Splash Pineapple Juice

Splash of Orange Juice

Pour liquor into a glass of ice and top with juices. 

screaming orgasm

Screaming Orgasm

1 1/4 oz Ketal One Vodka

1 1/4 oz Coffee Liqueur

1 1/4 oz Disaronno Originale Amaretto Liqueur

1 1/4  oz Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 

1 1/4 oz Half-and-Half

1 1/4 oz Milk

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass of crushed ice. 


Red Headed Slut

1 oz Jaggermeister

1 oz Peach Schnapps

2 oz Cranberry Juice

Shake ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a shot or old fashioned glass.


Pornstar Martini

2 oz Vodka

1 oz Passion Fruit Purée

1 oz Vanilla Syrup

1/2 oz Lime Juice

1 Shot of Sparkling Rosé

Shake ingredients into a cocktail shaker and serve with a shot of sparkling rosé.

leg spreader

The Leg Spreader

1 oz Spiced Rum

1 oz Coconut Rum

1/2 oz Peach Schnapps

3 oz Pineapple Juice

Combine ingredients into shaker and shake well. Strain mix into a glass with ice.

cock sucking cowboy

Cock Sucking Cowboy

2/3 oz Butterscotch Schnapps

1/3 oz Irish Cream

Pour butterscotch schnapps into a shot glass and add Irish cream on top.


Blow Job

1/2 oz Baileys Irish Cream

1/2 oz Kahlua Coffee Syrup

Whipped Cream

Pour Baileys and Kahlua into a shot glass. Add whipped cream to the top.

bend over shirley

Bend Over Shirley

1 1/2 oz Raspberry Vodka

4 oz Sprite

3/4 oz Grenadine Syrup

Add Raspberry Vodka and Grenadine Syrup into a glass with ice. Add Sprite over top.

anus burner

Anus Burner

1 oz José Cuervo Tequila

1 Jalapeno Pepper

Several Dashes of Tabasco Sauce

Slice one jalapeno pepper in half and place into shot glass. Add vodka and dash with Tabasco sauce until the drink turns deep red.


Angel's Tit

10 ml Crème de Cacao

10 ml Maraschino Liqueur 

10 ml Half-and-Half

Pour créme de cacao into a cocktail glass. Add Maraschino liqueur, then half-and-half. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

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