Whether you're making the best out of a long distance relationship or just enjoy sending bae something spicy while he's at work, sexting is a key component to the modern relationship. And while dirty talk and phone sex get the job done, a huge part of sexting in 2018 is sending the occasional nude. Of course your beau will likely love any photo or video you end up sending, why not take a look at our tips and tricks for sending a selfie that will truly blow his mind? We've taken in the data from the pros (a.k.a. tattoo models on Instagram) and compiled our best advice into a list that anyone can accomplish. Take a peek at our cheeky tips and tricks in the gallery below, then let us know your secret to sending the perfect sexy selfie in the comments section on Facebook. 

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Play to His Inner Nerd

Whether your guy love video games, comic books, Harry Potter or anime—he's go gaga if you decide to dress up as a character from his favorite fandom. Seriously, there's no way this won't drive him wild.

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Get Clean to Get Dirty

While you may be a dirty girl, he'll love a cheeky shower or bath shot every once and while. After all, who doesn't love the occasional shower hookup?

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Utilize a Self-Timer

Self-timers are key to taking a fabulous sexting selfie. The iPhone camera has a built in 3 second or 10 second self-timer, however, if you need more time there are plenty of apps to help get the job done. Or if you don't feel like doing things all by yourself, why not ask a close friend to be your personal photographer?

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Bust Out a Belfie

The Kardashian-Jenner clan reinvented the belfie and there's no shame in showing off your cakes for your man. Take a sneaky mirror shot or a quick booty snap to make your man drool.

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Find Your Light

If you watched America's Next Top Model, you'll know that finding your light is a key component to taking a good photo. Whether you're relying on natural light, artificial lighting or want to go balls to the wall with a ring light—experiment with a few locations to find your optimal selfie spot.

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Master the Mirror Selfie

The mirror selfie is a timeless classic and it allows you to turn and tweak your body to best accentuate what your mama gave yah. Be sure your background is just as inviting as you are though, unless your man likes a messy room!

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Always From Above

Taking a selfie from above is a great way to look neat and petite, while also highlighting those lovely tatas. This position works best sitting or laying down, as your body can look pretty distorted if you try this one standing up. 

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Understand Your Angles

Again, if Tyra taught me anything about being a model, it's understanding your angles. It takes some practice time in the mirror, however, many of you are probably already familiar with your good side and know how to work it for a selfie.

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Get Creative and Have Fun

Creativity and spontaneity turn a good selfie into a great one. Whether you're turning up the heat with food, fun lingerie or toys—take inspiration from the bootylicious Brittanya and let those creative juices flow.

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Go Old School

Last, but certainly not least, why not go old school and provide your boy with a classic Polaroid shot? This gesture is sure to be special and we bet he'll keep the photo in an extra special place.