In Brazil, the term "bumbum" is used to describe a woman's buttocks—which are regarded as the most critical indicator of physical beauty in the culture. While America has grown to appreciate large behinds over the past several years, Brazil is one step ahead. In fact, while butt surgeries in the States spiked at 19,000 in 2014, they were as high as 50,000 in Brazil. The nation's obsession with big bums led to a country wide competition for the best butt in the land—a.k.a. The Miss Bumbum pageant. And this year, the pageant took a turn when two contestants scrapped for the title on stage.

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Miss Bumbum is an annual beauty pageant held in São Paolo, Brazil. The contest was firts established in 2011 by an entrepreneur named Cacau Oliver and is comprised of 27 contestants representing each of Brazil's states. The winner of the competition walks away with not only the title, but a ~$22,000 USD prize and a number of endorsement deals.

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This year, first place was awarded to a model and dancer named Ellen Santana of Roraima, however, her moment in the spotlight was soon tarnished after a scorned contestant stormed the stage.

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Shortly after Santana was announced as the winner, a contestant named Aline Uva ran onto the stage and snatched the first place sash from Santana's grip. Uva claimed that she was the only '100% natural' contestant in the competition, stating that each of the three finalists had bums filled with silicone. 

'I represent the natural Brazilian bum and nobody can take that away from me. The three women who got the most votes are all fake, their bottoms are pure silicone, that's an injustice.'

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Uva entered the competition with the most public votes leading up to the finals and she argued that her win was sabotaged because her bum was 5cm larger than Santana's.

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Santana was quick to defend her prize-winning backside, stating "She took my ribbon but she can never take away my title. I worked the hardest and deserve this title because my butt is by far the firmest. To be a winner you need to know how to lose, and if I'd have lost I would have done so with dignity, unlike her."

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