In pornography, there are a number of terms and phrases that are only applicable to the specific industry. They're commonly known by porn stars and directors, however, can your average porn watcher pass the test? We've gather 13 of our favorite and most x-rated industry terms found in porn, now it's time to put our readers to the ultimate sex test. Take a look at the gallery below and let us know what you think about our porn dictionary in the comments section on Facebook? Did you get a perfect score right off the bat? Or do you need to spend more time studying? Let us know where you measure up.

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While ATM may stand for automated teller machine to most of the world, in porn it stands for ass to mouth.

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Although it's also a television network in the UK, in porn BBC stands for big black cock.



A more common porn term that has made its way into the mainstream, BBW stands for big beautiful woman.

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Bukkake is a sex act where one person is ejaculated on by two or more partners. It's especially popular in Asian films, where the term originated from.

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Compilation is a series of videos that are cut together into one continuous clip showcasing a single sex act, kink or performer. Some popular compilation titles might include "money shot compilation" or "fisting compilation." 

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A cuckold is a fetish where a husband or boyfriend watches his wife or girlfriend being penetrated by another man. It is often designed to be degrading or humiliating for the man watching.

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When a male ejaculates into his partner's vagina or anus, then allows the camera a closeup of the semen inside them.

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DP stands for double penetration, which can be done in any combination of mouth, vagina or anus. However, it's most common for DP to refer to two penises, one in the vagina and another in the anus.

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Downblouse/ Upskirt

Pornographic videos filmed in the perspective down a woman's shirt or up their skirt.

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When a man ejaculates semen all over his partner's face. 

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A style of pornography that skips straight to the sex, avoiding acted backstories or plot lines.



Pornography drawn into the Japanese style of animation. Hentai often extends beyond what is humanly possible in live-action pornography—incorporating themes within science fiction and fantasy.



A spinner is a petite female porn star, given the nickname because she is believed to be able to be spun in a circle on an erect penis.

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