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Maliibu Miitch - Main Pub Photo - Sean Perry

Last year she was dubbed “The Realest rapper in the Game” with her release of “4 AM.” She’s been rumored to be tiny in stature, but her personality is described as anywhere from “larger than life” all the way to “hilariously blase.” Maliibu Miitch’s most current release is called “The Count,” and she pretty much gives all the other female rappers a run for their money…

As for tattoos? She was inspired by none other than Steve-O from MTV’s Jackass, telling us, she was inspired to get some ink when he got his own face tattooed on his back.

She tells us of this tattoo on her hand, “One of my fans drew a picture of me a couple years back, I always wanted to get it tattooed. So I finally did it on my hand.” She also adds, “I got the tattoo because I always wanted a photo of myself tattooed on my body.”

MM_Inked Mag

And as for funny anecdotes, Maliibu simply says, “Nothing really happened when I got this tattoo. But four of my other tattoos were done in a trap house by an artist that was less qualified for the job. LOL. So needless to say, those tatts look like shit.”

Whether or not that’s true, it at least makes for an interesting story… check out Maliibu Miitch’s current release, “The Count,” and give her a follow as you can expect more music and a ton of new videos.

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