Everyone has their best sex story, but there are far and few times that you get to share that experience online. We dug up some of the craziest, hottest and weirdest "best sex ever" stories from the depths of Reddit and it's time to find out how your sex life measures up. Take a look at the gallery below to see these sexy stories and let us know what you think of these people's sexiest moments in the comments section on Facebook.

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"My best sex ever was last year. It was with my GF of over 6 years now. She just surprised me and I didn't expect it at all. She was all naked on the bed when I got home. She bought a new dildo and a butt plug and we took several hours to slowly widen her anus. And that was like the 3 time we tried anal, it was a whole different story! And we were making out the entire time and so on. Next day my penis hurt."

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"I've talked about it briefly once before, but my best was with a woman I had a short relationship with. She lived an hour away, and I'd drive to her place once and sometimes twice a week to drink with her roommate and friends and would stay over. We used to have sex all night until the sky was turning that deep blue color, then we'd sleep for a few hours and start again when we woke up. One day I told her about remote-controlled vibrators, and she was at first in disbelief but was super curious. The next time I went over for drinks with her friends, she passed me a small remote and whispered to me that what it controlled was already inside her. So for the duration of the evening I would occasionally press the button and watch her reaction. When we finally did go to bed she was practically feral; we had really great, aggressive/passionate sex that night, that just left us both insensate; sex the next morning hurt so bad but was still amazing. She was an amazing person and I'll always remember time spent with her."

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"I ate way too many pot brownies and fucked. felt like i nutted in another dimension. Interdimensional nut."

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"A couple weeks ago I had sex on a beach under a haloed full moon while tripping balls on LSD."

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"1992: I was in my mid-20's. At a coffeehouse, somewhat younger woman comes up and starts talking to me. Skinny (I like) but not pretty at all. Seems friendly. She's dropped out of college and is home in my town, living with her parents, bored, at sea, unhappy. Being the ever practical sort, I'm like "well, take baby steps to get your life in order," and she's like "yes, that's why I'm talking to you."

Within about half an hour we're back at my house. Something about the smell of her was absolutely intoxicating: even with her clothes on, from up close one whiff was like instant aphrodisiac. Clothes off and with my face buried between her legs, it was like some kind of science fiction sex chemical. Within minutes I'm balls-deep in her, and she's milking my dick with some truly impressive vaginal muscles. She was a squirter, something I'd never known about before, so just as I'm trying to hold back long enough for her to cum, she lets loose this torrent of fluid all over my belly and balls. I blew up like a supernova. We went at it six or seven more times that night, her getting wetter each time with her own fluid and the quart or so of cum I'd pumped into her.

In the morning, I took her from behind and went as slowly as I possibly could, inching my cock in and out of her on like a two-minute cycle. Every time I got all the way in, she'd cum and squirt a little and pulse all around my cock until I came again. I don't think I had any actual semen left at this point. This happened about ten times, until both of us lost all muscular control and she fell face-down on the bed with me on top of her and inside of her, both of us motionless except for her vagina pulsing and squeezing me. I figured I was done for a week.

And then I felt it, like a distant wave coming unstoppably. Over the next five or so minutes it got closer and closer, as she stroked me up and down with vaginal contractions while we otherwise remained still. Then all at once it just blasted out of me, what felt like another quart of semen, pump after pump after pump. She said I cried out like some kind of animal, but I don't remember that. We lay there afterward for about half an hour, until my cock finally lost enough tension to slip out of her. I sat up, my entire body sore, and looked down, and her vagina was like an open cup holding all of that semen. She was quite hairy; it was beautiful, and I can still remember it clear as day.

We showered together and I never saw her again. But now I'm at work and I have a giant boner."

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"Best sex was with a partner who showed a lot of enthusiasm for sex and my pleasure in general. There was no pressure to orgasm (though I always did). We'd fool around off and on for hours. We just enjoyed each other's bodies and got off on each other's pleasure. I miss that kind of sex."

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"The best sex of my life was actually last weekend. Oddly enough, my boyfriend and I have the best sex when we're drunk - I think it has something to do with my lack if inhibitions once alcohol enters the equation. We went to a Halloween get together with some of my friends at a little cabin in the woods tucked away in the mountains, and, as the only couple, my boyfriend and I got the master bedroom on the top floor of the cabin. We fucked for an hour and a half in bed, both cumming multiple times, until finally I tapped out, exhausted. He stepped onto the balcony off the bedroom for a smoke, and I, still naked, leaned over the railing to catch my breath. I didn't even notice when he came up behind me and started fucking me over the railing. Every time he tried to pull away, I reached back and grabbed his ass and rammed him harder into me until he came again. He leaned back against the glass door to the porch for a breather, and I pushed my ass back, pinning him against the door and fucking my own ass while he held onto my hips and stood paralyzed against the door. Then we curled up on the bed and spooned until we fell asleep. I'm positive our friends heard the whole thing, but they were kind enough to not mention it the next morning."

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"Ex gf one day decided it was bj day. She would do her thing until I got close and then would stop and go away for 10 minutes. She would then come back and do it again. She did this for at least 2 hours and when she finally finished it was intense.

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"My wife had never had anyone eat her out before. I thought it was something everyone had done at some point for their woman, seems I was wrong. Anyway, I'm going to town and she squirts like she's trying to drown me. She had never done it before, but many times since. Sex after the first time was amazing."

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"The best sex I have had was with this Guyanese girl i met on Tinder. When I first saw her pictures, I thought to myself she wasn't that hot. I decided to meet her anyway after few days of texting and phone calls. She was prettier than in the picture (usually it is the other way around). I found out she was divorced, came out of an abusive relationship and it has been a while she has been with another guy. A part of me was concerned about this. And she was too much of a nice girl (that's what I thought lol). There was a strong chemistry between us. After dinner, and drive to the park- we started making out heavily. She was a passionate kisser- my lips were hurting. Both of us were really turned on. She didn't not want to do anything that night. So we decided to take it slow. We just went to my home -just to chill and watch a movie. After some time we started making out wildly. I just took her to my bedroom - we made out passionately- took each other's clothes off. Her tits were natural and massive. After sucking on them for a while, I decided to go down on her. She did taste good and I was there for a while. She told me she had never had that experience before. 3 orgasms just from me giving her oral. She was flapping her legs all over the bed. She even kicked the wall very hard. I was partly scared that she might kick my face in excitement. Mostly I was excited. After I was done my business down there it was her turn. She slowly moved down my body. And when she went down on me - it was f-ing wild. She did this thing with her teeth and tongue - it is hard to explain but perhaps one of the best BJs I ever received. Then came the missionary plus a ton of other positions. It was wild and passionate. I wanted to go slow as I was concerned that she would not like it. But she just asked me to go harder (and she was not drunk). It was like hardcore porn star drilling. And when I came after 30 minutes it was the best orgasm I had. I dropped her off at her place that night. I felt like a fucking rockstar. She went out of town after that. And then she was back I moved. It was the best sex. Just writing this story gives me a hard-on."

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"Actually a lady from reddit. We both had posted NSFW pictures and only really knew what each other looked from the shoulders down. We chatted and got along, so we met for ice cream. She was really cute, so I'm glad I took the risk. Couple of dates later and she was basically a perfect match for me sexually. There were no limits between us, each gave and took from the other, never having enough. Seeing her sip whiskey while watching classic movies, this was Netflix and chill before it was a hashtag or halloween costume. It's been years, but Gaslight Anthem will get me hard because I still hear her moans in harmony with the music. We saw each other for a little and things happen as they do. We are still great friends and I try to meet her for coffee whenever I'm visiting back east."

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"My best sex was with a FWB who was not really active during sex at the beginning of our relationship but after some good talks, she became way more active in the moment. That's when she really got me going. She would call my name and guide my hips while I fucked her and even when we were just making out, she'd tug on my shirt and bit my lip. She then started looking up new sex positions and one day (which was some of the best head i ever got) she brought me into her parents room and i sat on their bed and look into the mirror facing the bed as she sucked me dry. Needless to say i came all over her face. So the best sex I ever had was with a girl who was active and took charge. It was more "we're having sex" than "I'm fucking her" and god was it good."