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What's better than a beautiful girl who can tattoo? A beautiful girl who can tattoo that's also a twerking sensation. Twerking is a style of dance that first originated during the bounce movement in the 1980s out of New Orleans. However, in the 2010s it has become one of the most popular and controversial styles of dance today. Check out a dancer who combines tattooing and twerking below.

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Meet Pernilla Sandahl, a tattoo apprentice and dance instructor from Sweden. She's become known around the world for her viral twerking videos online and has gained an impressive following on social media. She currently teaches dance hall and twerking classes in studios in both Uppsala and Stockholm, however, she's opened up her coaching services to clients around Sweden. Sandahl is learning to tattoo at Ink Alliance in Östhammar, Sweden as well. Take a look at her moves in the videos below and let us know what you think about her unique style of dance in the comments section on Facebook.