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While pornography may be a great way to start out learning about sex and different positions, you really can't improve your skills in the bedroom from watching videos alone. Instead, the best way to better yourself is through plenty of practice. However, there are plenty of guys out there who may not know the right or wrong ways to please a woman in bed. Well, it's time we let the women of Reddit set the record straight and let our readers know they favorite tips and tricks. Take a look at their honest advice in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on these helpful hints in the comments section on Facebook.


"Give enthusiastically and without expectation. Enthusiasm is a huge turn on. Be generous, patient, and let her like whatever she likes without pressure to perform or orgasm for you."


"Use your words. Honest communication before, during, and after sex makes it better immediately. Feedback from you and the freedom to give it to you honestly comes from trust and total willingness to improve and appreciate."


"Don't make sex about your orgasm. Make it about a fun, pleasurable, amazing time together. After you orgasm, play with her some more if she wants to."


"Sometimes/oftentimes the best sex doesn't ever involve penis-vagina contact. Sex can be so many things. Do lots of them!"


"Sex is important. Treat it like a priority. Schedule it if you want to or need to. Anticipation is a turn on!"


"Get her mentally/emotionally aroused. Foreplay includes showing her you find her desirable. Foreplay includes buying her roses, or cooking her dinner, or giving her a massage, or writing her a love note."


"She isn't an object or a porn star. Don't expect her to put up with back-bending, muscle-tearing positions because porn stars can do it. It likely won't feel good. Just don't ever compare your sex to porn and try to make it like that unless you both find something specific you want to try."


"Aside from quickies, don't just try and get it over with. You can take breaks in penetration and involve other kinds of playing before you cum. It's not a race to the finish line. Explore, have fun, show each other how much you want each other's pleasure."


"Unless she's truly fine with not finishing, you shouldn't be fine with her not finishing. Don't assume that every time you have sex with that gal that she's okay with not finishing. Her saying it's okay to not finish one time doesn't mean that it's okay the next time, too. Always try and get a feel for the situation without putting pressure on her. I hate being with guys who think it isn't a big deal for girls to not finish because most can't from PiV. And for god's sake, at least have some appreciation for the fact that many women have adopted the attitude of still being happy with PiV sex even if they don't cum."


"Going down on a woman doesn't count if you stuck your face down there, gave a few licks and proudly ask, "Does that feel good, baby?" and then you move on to something else. If she says yes, don't fucking stop. And don't sissy-lick either. Get right in there and stay there, damnit!"


"Make some noise, let her know you're enjoying it and what you like."


"Fingering: think strokes and swirls, don't just jab your finger in and out."


"Keep your hygiene and self-confidence up! A clean, confident man is a killer in bed."


"Know what body parts to move. Hard humping doesn't also mean it is good humping. Learn how to move your pelvis."

"There is more to a feminine body that ass, boobs, vagina and mouth. For example try stroking the inner area of her arm, kiss her in the neck, tickle her in the area between her legs and her mons veneris."


"Unless she's already voiced her preferences for a rougher touch, please don't push your lady's head down on your penis during oral. This makes us annoyed, and it makes me, think of using teeth. Most women have a sensitive gag reflex."


"Practice putting on a condom. Nothing kills the mood faster than a guy who cant put on a condom. I don't mind doing it, but I personally don't like the feel of them. It's like human skin...but not. Ick. At least they are useful and keep you safe. That's the important bit. Also, practice masturbating with a condom on. It will help you get used to cumming while protected. I've met guys who have trouble cumming while wearing a condom because they are so used to the sensations hands and mouths provide."


"It's good to laugh. Sex is fun. It's even better if you can do it with someone who can laugh with you. Bodies make funny noises sometimes, or someone is clumsy. One time I nearly broke my nose when my guy pushed me into a wall a bit too rough during standing up sex. I didn't notice I was bleeding until after. It looked like the Manson Family decorated the kitchen wall. Honestly, it was really funny. Learn to laugh."

There you have it gents, the best sex tips from the women of Reddit. What do you think about these tips and tricks? What's your secret to pleasuring a woman? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.