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Ink Master premiered it's 11th season on August 28th of 2018, bringing 18 brand new contestants into the series. At the start, there were nine artist on both Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham's teams—but week by week the challenges cut down the the pack to the final three artists. These final three artists will be facing off at the finale, which premieres on December 18th on the Paramount Network. 

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While all 18 of the artists put up a fight throughout the competition, it was Teej Poole, Tiffer Wright and Tony Medellin who made it to the top 3. Leading up to the finale, they were tasked with creating 35-hour back pieces, in their hometown and in the style of their choice. However, that's not all. At the live finale, they will also create a 6-hour tattoo in collaboration with their coach—with the opposing team choosing the style and subject matter of that tattoo. Tiffer and Cleen were given a realistic color lion head, Teej and Christian were tasked to do a color Japanese dragon and Tony and Cleen were assigned a black-and-grey realism skull morph. 

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The judges, Cleen and Christian, will also be bringing in 35-hour tattoos to the finale. However, they were able to sabotage the other opponent by telling them a style and placement they could not do for the tattoo. Because Cleen brought two tattooers to the finale, he had two sabotages for Christian—preventing him from doing a chest or back and realism or neo-traditional. Christian brought one artist to the finale and he told Cleen that he couldn't do a new school back piece. 

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Will it be Tiffer Wright?

Tiffer Wright of Dallas, Texas is one of the artists who has a shot at the title of Ink Master. Tiffer has been a standout performer throughout the competition, walking away with four challenges wins in total. Back home, he specializes in neo-traditional, however he was able to show adaptability throughout the season. 

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Will it be Teej Poole?

Teej Poole of Charlotte, North Carolina will also be in the finale. He walked into the competition as one of the most recognizable faces on the cast and quickly impressed coach Christian with his expertise in black-and-grey realism. During the competition Teej took home four challenge wins and impressed the judges with his growth throughout the season.

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Will it be Tony Medellin?

Tony Medellin of Reno, Nevada is the third tattooer who will be competing in the Ink Master finale. He proved that he was a competitor by nabbing the first win of the season, however, out of the three contestants in the finale he is considered to be the underdog. However, in past seasons we've seen the underdog take the entire competition home based on their final two tattoos and who knows—Medellin could have season 11 in the bag.

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Are you tuning in to the season 11 finale?

On December 18th at 10/9c on Paramount network, we will finally learn who the next Ink Master winner will be. Let us know which of the three contestants that you think will be the next Ink Master in the comments section on Facebook. And don't forget about the coaches, who also have a shot at a $100,000.

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