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A-Sides: Cherub Show Us Their Tats, Put on Their 'Dancing Shoes'

Photo/Eric Larson

Cherub band Larson

Cherub band Larson

It's been nearly two years since electro-pop indie rockers Cherub released their second album Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence. A lot of, to put it mildly, piss has come out in the industry since. Thankfully, the Nashville duo are back to rid the world of urine and put out the music we all yearn for: originality. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber are doing things a bit differently this time. For starters, they're putting out music on their own - one song at a time. Case in point: they dropped their new single "All In" and have more on the way without plans for a new album. Funny enough, while their aim is different, their direction is a return of sorts to vintage Cherub. In New York City last week, A-Sides caught up with the duo, chatted about their new music, and their bottomless wide range of tats. Watch on. Hat tip to Eric Larson for filming.

Photos/Patrick Warren