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LOCASH Grabs the Country Scene by the Horns

The LOCASH boys went from teaching dance routines to tourists, to topping music charts.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust make up LOCASH, and have rocked the country scene since 2004. They have helped co-write Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah.”

Under Broken Bow Records, LOCASH’s first released “Feels Like a Party,” co-written by Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. LOCASH most recently released “I Love this Life” and tells Inked about their (dirt)road to success.

locash, locash cowboys, Chris Lucas, Preston Brust

What inspired you both to pursue music?

Both: Girls.

How did you guys meet?

We met at a saloon in Nashville. The Wildhorse Saloon. We immediately hit it off & started working there together. We were the Emcee’s, the Hosts and the DJ’s. The Wildhorse is a badass live music venue in Nashville, so it put us onstage and in the mix of the country music industry right off the bat. There was no turning back.

What has most surprised you both through your journeys of going from DJs to CMA nominees?

It’s only 5 blocks from the front door of the Wildhorse Saloon to the front steps of Bridgestone Arena where we walked the Red Carpet as CMA Nominees… yet it took us 10 years of hard work & a million miles of touring to get there!

You’ve said, “We just never had a fair shot at radio.” Why do you think that is?

Prior to releasing “I Love This Life,” we hadn’t had a real, fair shot at radio. The kind of shot where the record team had real focus, a strategy and a relentless belief in our music and its place on Country Radio. Now that we’ve gotten a real shot at radio, and watched our songs top the charts, we’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to take our career to the next level and beyond, by signing with BMG / Broken Bow/ Wheelhouse Records!

The meaning behind LOCASH is to remember where you came from. Can you explain this further?

We always try to look back on the beauty of our journey and appreciate the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. Sometimes it’s the little things, like the path you find around obstacles, the perseverance, the totally free (yet priceless) memories along the way, that define who you are and who you become. That’s the meaning of LOCASH.

You’ve been co-writing songs for Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. Do they return the favor?

Yep, by taking our songs all the way up the charts. Thanks Keith! Thanks Tim!

locash, locash cowboys, Chris Lucas, Preston Brust

The music video for "I Love This Life," shines the spotlight on your fans. Why was this important to LOCASH?

There were times in the beginning when no one believed in us but our we decided to shine a light, and a camera, on them.

How has LOCASH’s music evolved?

Over the years, our music has become a “positive sound and a feel good feeling” in a world that surrounds us with negativity and bad news. We just gravitate towards 3 minutes of “positivity” and hope that comes through on the airwaves.

Tell me about your tattoos! What do they signify?


L O V E on my right hand’s fingers. It’s my daughter’s name. My wife and I went to a tattoo parlor on our first date night after she was born and we both got her name tattooed on us.

“You Gonna Fly” on right forearm. It’s the first tattoo I ever got. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get a tattoo until I had written a #1 song. So when Keith Urban took YGF all the way to the top, it was time to get the ink. I used stars instead of o’s and changed the L in “fly” to a 1, to symbolize the achievement.

Because I’m a Leo, I have a lion on my right shoulder, and I have “I Love This Life” tattooed on my left forearm, because it’s the first song LOCASH took to the top of the charts. I had my first baby that year and it’s the moment that truly changed our lives.


On one side my tattoos are about our #1 songs, and my other side is for my family and my life overall. They all have special meanings to me.

What artists are on your go-to playlist?

We rock everything from Motley Crue to Bruno Mars to Frank Sinatra and a ton of old school country!

Who is your dream artist to tour with?

Britney Spears or Taylor Swift! Just kidding… but seriously though.

What footprint would you like to leave the country scene?

Hit songs and a reputation for being the hardest workin’ boys in country music.

Tell us what you’ve been doing with Pepsi this fall?

We are doing a Pepsi Tailgate Tour! We’re rockin’ a Tailgate Concert at 11 incredible tour stops. The Pepsi Trucks roll in, the stage rolls out, the tents go up, and The Pepsi Challenge sets up. Tons of celebrities show up, and great food gets grubbed and live music gets rocked.

locash, locash cowboys, Chris Lucas, Preston Brust