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 When people use the hashtag #girlboss — I’m not sure they know what it’s like to actually BE a girl boss like Lauren Sanderson does. Just read her accolades and you’ll see quickly this girl is working harder than everyone else… and it’s totally paying off.

Her self-released EP, ‘Spaces’ hit #1 the on iTunes R&B album chart and she sold out an independently booked 18-city tour last year…. Yeah, as in “on her own” without a label. However, her hard work has super paid off and she recently signed with Epic records.

She also legit has 200k followers across all social platforms and has been rumored to send hand-written letters to fans that write to her. Girlfriend also has her own online thrift store,

Way to be an overachiever, Lauren!

The best part about Lauren is her message of being “happy on purpose,” and truly being yourself — her tattoo on her arm which reads, “who makes art this way?” speaks to her own dedication of that.

“This tattoo is actually inspired by Mike Posner's poem "a song with Pitbull". In the poem, he talks about waking up to an email from his record label wanting him to do a song with Pitbull — they told Mike his part is already written. Mike responds in the poem, "who makes art this way?" This quote is a reminder to always prioritize my own form of expression and to never become a "fill in the blank" type of artist. Also, [to] be your own thinker and your own type of creator — I like that way of thinking,” she says.

It truly seems like Lauren’s destiny was “Written in the Stars” with this tattoo: “I actually think the weirdest part of it all is that I was performing in LA a couple weeks ago and Mike was actually there in the crowd and we met and exchanged contacts and shit. I showed him my tattoo later and told him how much that poem inspired me, I could tell that was special to him. Definitely wouldn’t have seen that coming when I got this tattooed on me a year ago.


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