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It's perfect normal to change your career several times throughout your lifetime and many of today's most successful business people, actors and musicians once lived very different lives. However, we've never seen a career shift quite as extreme as Yudi Pineda's. Pineda is currently a top porn performer in Columbia, however, a few years ago she was going down a very different path. Take a look at the gallery below to see how she went from disciple of God to full blown sex star, then let us know what you think about her incredible transformation.


While today, Yudi Pineda may be one of Columbia's top ranked porn performers, it wasn't always her life plan to become an adult entertainer.


In fact, at the age of 10 years old, she made the decision to become a nun and devote her life to God. And Pineda spent the next eight years of her life locked up in a convent and preparing to become a nun for the rest of her life.

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Then, her entire life changed when she fell in love with one of her religious teachers and made the choice to leave the convent. After leaving the convent, she met a man named Juan Bustos—who was a prominent casting director in the porn industry.


And while Pineda's priest strongly discouraged her from going into porn, Pineda went ahead and auditioned to become an adult actress. 


Pineda told a local media station that she felt bad about her decision to go into porn at first, however today she's fine with her choice. And while she is no longer studying to become a nun, Pineda still attends church regularly, stating “I also feel good when I go to church. I never miss Friday prayers, Saturday meetings or Sunday mass." 


What do you think of this nun turned porn performer? Can you believe her 180 degree life change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.