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Although we've seen plenty of great tattoos come out of Ink Master, the show has also created a handful of monstrosities. Whether it's because the artist couldn't step up to the challenge or they were sabotaged by their fellow contestants—even great artists have fallen short during this tattoo competition. We've found 10 of the worst tattoos from the past 11 seasons and you may have forgotten some of these horrendous designs. Take a look at the best of the worst in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

tim lee

Tim Lees—Season 5

This hula pin-up girl from Tim Lees has one of the ugliest faces we've ever seen on a tattoo.


Chris Blinston, Katie McGowan, Big Ceeze, Dave Clarke—Season 6

The final product of this tattoo wasn't the worst, however, the process gave the client a panic attack.

bubba irwin

Bubba Irwin—Season 4

This neo-traditional tattoo is not only poorly applied, but the artist also appeared to have changed the portrait's race.


Roland—Season 4

Oliver Peck was blown away by the tattoo, but for all of the wrong reasons.

tatu baby

Tatu Baby-Season 3

Tatu Baby's lion looked more like a stuffed animal than the king of the jungle.


Matt O'Baugh—Season 6

This throat tattoo wound up looking like a poorly applied coverup.

kyle dunbar

Kyle Dunbar—Season 3

Kyle Dunbar put way too much detail into this tattoo and made this woman look like she had crocodile scales.


Boneface—Season 8

While the uniform of this soldier looks great, Boneface loses out in the face.


Cee Jay Jones—Season 2

During the first episode of the second season, artist Cee Jay missed the mark with this misspelled tattoo. 


Mark Matthews—Season 2

This tattoo from season 2 looked rough from day one.

What do you think of these tattoos? Was there a terrible tattoo that we didn't include on our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.