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Ask any tattoo artist and they'll tell you the sacrifices they made to have a successful career. Whether it be years of an unpaid apprenticeship or countless family gatherings missed to better their craft, tattooing is a profession that requires 100% commitment. For Dallas based artist Ink by Pnut, he's spent years honing his craft as a top notch cartoon tattooer. And in a recent tweet, Pnut revealed that he'd made an enormous sacrifice in order to fund his own shop.

Pnut announced that he'd sold his entire anime collection, which he appraised at $10,000, in order to invest in a commercial space in Dallas and open his dream anime shop. He shared this news to his Twitter page, hoping the startling announcement would drum up enough press that he could begin rebuilding his collection.


The shop, which will be called 1UP Ink, is set to open on December 7th. Pnut plans to hire a number of artists, as well as a piercer, to fill this shop and round out the crew. What do you think of this artist's amazing sacrifice? What would you give up to start your own business? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.