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Cult favorite Dr. Who is returning to BBC on New Years day, and fans are excited like always. The time traveling sci-fi show is a staple for many nerds, giving them a combination of mystery and time travel that not many other shows offer. But like many popular shows, fans commonly get tattoos of staple scenes or characters that are unrecognizable to those who aren't in the clique. 

To celebrate the return of season 12, airing on New Year's Day, here are some of the coolest Dr. Who inspired tattoos.

Dr. Who has been airing since the 60's, and each season is about a certain character who is the time traveling Dr. Each new doctor is a reincarnation of the last, and their stories always connect. Sometimes the characters even meet, leaving a long and intertwined story that allows for plenty of ink opportunities. As the show gains popularity from streaming services, Dr. Who tattoos are getting better and better.