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While there's only so many directions that you can go with tattoos, the body modification world is always coming up with new and more extreme procedures. The piercing community particular has stepped up it's game over the last several decades by showing the mainstream more and more unusual methods of poking holes into human skin. We've collected some of our favorite wild and wacky piercings that you won't believe exist in the gallery below and it's time you took a peek at what's out there. We bet at least one of these modifications will blow your mind and maybe you'll be inspired to book your next appointment with a local piercer. 


Gum Piercing

Can you imagine what your dentist would have to say about this controversial piercing?


Stretched Labret Piercing

We've seen plenty of stretched lip piercings, however, they're pretty extreme when you can see the teeth.


Stretched Cheek Piercings

This is absolutely insane, how does this guy chew his food or drink water?


Rhino Piercing

A rhino piercing is weird enough as it is, but stretching it takes it up a notch.


Armpit Piercing

Why would anyone want to piercing their armpit? Was this a dare?


Hairline Piercing

This piercing is actually pretty badass, we're impressed.


Stretched Nostril Piercing

Again, stretched nostril piercings are nothing new but we're totally struck by the tunnel versions.


Horizontal Eyelid Piercing

We had no idea that you could piercing your eyelids and we're not sure why anyone would want to.


Uvula Piercing

It must be extremely difficult for a piercer to complete this tricky task.


Vertical Eyelid Piercing

A vertical eyelid piercing is perhaps the most extreme modification on this list.


Septril Piercing

A septril piercing isn't particularly extreme, but it's definitely unique. 


Eyelid Piercing

Again, who thought that it was a good idea to pierce eyelids? We'd like to know.


Sclera Implant

Sclera implants aren't technically piercings but they're definitely hardcore.


Finger Web Piercings

If there's a way to piercing a strange location on the body, someone will wind up doing it.

web toe piercings

Toe Web Piercing

If you were born with webbed toes, why not make the most of them?


Finger Dermal Piercing

If you're going to say I do, why not tie the knot with a permanent piercing?


Ankle Piercing

One word: OUCH!


Chin Piercings

This is super badass and we definitely wouldn't want to mess with this guy.


Guiche Piercing

Did you know that you can pierce your taint? Well, now you do!


Whatever Is Happening Here

This man is truly committed to the body mod lifestyle, that's for sure.

What do you think about these wild and extreme piercings? Do you have any unusual body modifications? Which piercing on our list freaked you out the most? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.