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Meet Funky Matas, an artist who began his back tattoo over twelve years ago and is currently still in the process of finishing it. After surviving a motorcycle accident that required two years of physical therapy, Matas gained a new perspective on life and decided to have his close friends and family sign his back, later on having their signatures tattooed permanently. He began this project under the motto "People Who've Got Your Back," and today, he's racked up a staggering 225 signatures.

For over a decade, Matas has collected signatures from people who've inspired him or who he's shared an important moment with. And this includes many A-list celebrities, including Will Smith, Mike Tyson, Elijah Wood, Alice Cooper, Chris Rock, Sting, and Stan Lee. And although Matas' back piece is filling up and he broke a Guinness World Record after his 190th signature, he believes there's room for 75 more signatures.

What do you think of this impressive back piece? Whose signature would you wear as a permanent tattoo? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions on this story in the comments section.