25 Reasons To Go To Russia For Your Next Tattoo - Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

While there are countless stand-out artists in your relatively-local area, we are highlighting these 25 insanely talented Russian tattooists, each standing as their own reason to book your trip to Russia for your next tattoo session.

In no particular order...

1. Andrei Svetov

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2. Alexey Lauz

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3. Sasha Unisex

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4. Alexey Mashkow

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5. Sasha Tabuns

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6. Kristina Darmaeva

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7. Eduard Sarmaev

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8. Daria Pirojenko

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9. Buslay

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10. Tallinn Tattoos

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11. Karina Cuba

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12. Ervand

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13. Denis Torikashvili Tidan

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14. Antonina Troshina

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15. Sergey Shanko

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16. Mihail Kogut

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17. Marina Goncharova

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18. Vylkanof

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19. Rinat Tattaren Mingazdinov

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20. Yanina Viland

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21. Alex Moro

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22. Katryn Tol

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23. Oleg Turyanskiy

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24. Sasha Masiuk

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25. Jane Zimina

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