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While we would love to put Swedish-born Miryam Lumpini on the list, she is based in LA, so we can't put her on this list. However, there are plenty of incredible artists who have stayed – and moved to – "The Elongated Country." Or, as the Swedes call it, "Det avlånga landet."

Check out these 25 insanely talented tattooists, who each as their own reason to book your trip to Sweden for your next tattoo session. In no particular order....

1. Pulled Poltergeist

See more of this portfolio on Instagram: @pulledpoltergeist

2. Oscar Akermo

See more of Oscar's portfolio on Instagram: @oscarakermo

3. Jacob Wiman

See more of Jacob's portfolio on Instagram: @blackmagicjake

4. Jose Batar

See more of Jose's portfolio on Instagram: @Josefbatar

5. Peter Lagergren

See more of Peter's portfolio on Instagram: @peterlagergren

6. Jack Ankerson

See more of Jack's portfolio on Instagram: @jack_ankerson

7. Kari Gratieri

See more of Kari's portfolio on Instagram: @karibloomtattoo

8. Ellen Westholm

See more of Ellen's portfolio on Instagram: @ellenwestholmtattoo

9. Michael Stade

See more of Michael's portfolio on Instagram: @mikestatuering

10. Daria Shishkina

See more of Daria's portfolio on Instagram: @shishkina_art

11. Jimmy Johnsson

See more of Jimmy's portfolio on Instagram: @bigtime_jimmy

12. Cidemon

See more of this portfolio on Instagram: @cidemon

13. Peppe

See more of this portfolio on Instagram: @lefthandtattoo

14. Touka Voodoo

See more of Touka's portfolio on Instagram: @stockholmalternative

15. Aron

See more of this portfolio on Instagram: @rottenmind13

16. Electric Martina

See more of Martina's portfolio on Instagram: @ElectricMartina

17. Jacob Pedersen

See more of this portfolio on Instagram: @jacobpedersentattoo

18. Iain Mullen

See more of Iain's portfolio on Instagram: @iainmullen

19. Joel Soos

See more of the Beard Weave's portfolio on Instagram: @joel_soos

20. Destroyer Mahashakti

See more of this portfolio on Instagram:

21. Ville Prinsen

See more of Ville's portfolio on Instagram: @villeprinsen

22. Kir

See more from Kir on Instagram: @kir_tattoo

23. Anastasia Vilks

See more of Anastasia's portfolio on Instagram: @anastasia_vilks

24. Marianne

See more of Marianne's portfolio: @dye_em_black

25. Jens Bergström

See more of Jens' portfolio: @jensatheavenlyink

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