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Whether you're looking for bold lettering or bright colors, or killer black-and-grey portraits and new school cartoons, we are highlighting these 25 insanely talented tattooists — in no particular order — who each stand as their own reason to book your trip to England for your next tattoo session.

1. Little Andy


2. Jondix


3. Gem Carter


4. Annabelle Luyken


5. Teide


6. Nicholas Hald


7. Daryl Watson


8. Sewp


9. James Tattoo


10. Thomas Bates


11. Cal Jenx


12. Suflanda


13. Inma


14. Wolfspit


15. Andrea Giulimondi


16. Maxime Büchi


17. Tamara Lee


18. Claudia De Sabe


19. Stewart Robson


20. Alice Perrin


21. Mowgli


22. Joanne Baker


23. Dicky


24. Dani Queipo


25. Mia Leo


And, since it's too hard to only pick 25...

Kelly Violet


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