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Remember the "Devast8" guy? Meet his doppelganger, a New Zealand based gang member named Puk Kireka who has the word "Notorious" inked on his mug. He's making international headlines because of his struggles to find a job, telling The Sun "I know it will be hard to get a job with my tatts."


In addition to catching the attention of the media, Kireka's tattooed face was seen by none other than 50 Cent. Cent took to Instagram to mock the gang member, sharing his photo with the caption, "what the fuck is really going on man. I wonder why he can’t get a job.#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

Kireka was quick to respond to the rapper's diss in a video interview, sharing that he felt privileged that the rapper had shared his photo online but that he'd like to meet face-to-face in his home of Hawkes Bay, NZ. Because of his criminal record, Kireka cannot leave his country, however, he showed hospitality toward Cent by inviting down under.

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