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5 Seconds of Summer appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden to play their new song “Teeth,” as well as the terrifyingly exciting game of “Tattoo Roulette.”

The band, who first dropped the song in the newest season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why were told to pick one of five red boxes. One of the boxes would reveal the label “tattoo,” while the others were marked “safe.”

If a 5 Seconds of Summer member got the box marked “tattoo,” they had to get “Late, Late” inked right then and there during the show. If Corden picked the box, he had to get “5SOS” on his body. Yes, there was a tattoo artist ready and prepped on stage.

"5 Seconds of Summer and a lifetime of regret," Corden said.

Luke Hemmings revealed that he’s the only 5SOS member who doesn’t have any tattoos, but was ready to participate and wager his ink-virginity.

While guitarist Michael Clifford is tattooed, he admitted that he was the most nervous because "I just don't know if I feel like getting 'Late Late' tattooed [on me]."

Drummer Ashton Irwin felt guilty for Corden, saying, "We have the worst logo... 'Late Late' looks cool, 5SOS, it is what it is... stock font."

See the resulting “winner” of Corden’s “Tattoo Roulette” with 5 Seconds of Summer