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In November of 2018, rapper 6ix9ine was arrested and charged on federal RICO as well as possession of firearms. He was initially held in general population at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, however, due to his celebrity status and affiliation with the Bloods, he was moved to a different facility.

By February of 2019, he pled guilty to nine counts and is expected to be sentenced in January of 2020, with the possibility of a 47 year sentence.

However, despite the grim circumstances facing 6ix9ine, he has a loyal and devoted girlfriend on the outside. 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade continuously flaunts her relationship with the incarcerated rapper and in December of 2018, she shocked social media with a tattoo of his moniker on her chest.

And while many believed she would regret the permanent homage to her BF, Jade clearly hasn't learned a lesson. Instead, she chose to get a portrait of 6ix9ine tattooed on the other side of her chest. In a photo posted to Instagram, Jade pokes fun at the poorly inked tattoo, writing "Just got Chris Brown tatted shit crazy."

Many on social media have critiqued the design, including influencer @iampersuasian who wrote "You too cute for all this clout chasing for a nigga who ain’t ever getting out of jail. Don’t @ me I said what I said," and hip-hop podcaster @adam22 who said "You should honestly sue the artist."

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