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Last week, 6ix9ine announced that he'd be making his return through an Instagram live on May 8th. Previously, 6ix9ine had been virtually silent for 18 months, as he'd been serving time in prison for racketeering, firearm charges and conspiracy to murder charges since November of 2018. He was initially facing the possible mandatory sentence of 47 years in prison, however, he was given a much shorter sentence for turning in several Nine Trey gangsters. Due to a pre-existing asthma condition that would make him more susceptible to COVID-19, 6ix9ine was released early from prison to serve the remainder of his sentence from home.

6ix9ine's IG live began with two models, Baddie Gi and Jade (who's also 6ix9ine's girlfriend), dancing to the rapper's new song "Gooba" and wearing matching rainbow outfits. In a matter of minutes, the live quickly broke the viewer record, which had previously been held by Drake and Torey Lanez at 300K. Before 6ix9ine even appeared on camera, the live was already at 1 million viewers and then the rapper emerged from the background to Inner Circle's "Bad Boys."

Once on camera, 6ix9ine danced with a pair of handcuffs and then began rapping to his own song, "Kika" featuring Tory Lanez, showing off his chains and watch. After flexing his jewelry, 6ix9ine then begins addressing his return, why he ratted and cooperating with the government. He immediately shades the previous IG record holders Tory Lanez and Drake, Meek Mill (who'd called him out on Twitter earlier that day), as well as Bronx rapper Lil Tjay who'd called himself the King of New York. He then goes into detail about how he's embraced being a rat and apologizes to his fans, getting mixed comments from the visible viewers on the live. 6ix9ine then calls out his ex-manager Shotti, accusing him of sleeping with Sara Molina (the mother of his daughter), trying to have him killed, kidnapping him and stealing millions of dollars from him. 6ix9ine's live peaked at 2 million views, which will be one tough record to beat.

In addition to breaking the record on IG live and stirring up plenty of beef, 6ix9ine also released new music on May 8th. 6ix9ine's comeback track "Gooba" earned five million views in the first hour and features models dancing in rainbow outfits, including his girlfriend Jade. As of May 11th, the video currently has 96 million views and broke the record for the biggest 24-hour debut for a hip-hop song—which had previously been held by Eminem for his Machine Gun Kelly diss track "Killshot." 6ix9ine made the one billion view club on his YouTube channel in 2019, when he released song "Bebe" with Anuel AA, his first song in Spanish.

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