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Over the last several years, blackwork tattooing has exploded in popularity. Blackwork is an umbrella term for a style of tattooing that is done in black ink. Blackwork tattoos generally cover large areas and focus on opaque coverage over shading or stippling.

Many people opt for blackwork tattoos, however, they've really appealed to those looking for coverups. A coverup is successful if it masks the piece underneath and to do this, black is required. A blackwork coverup is a great way to go about this because you can completely conceal the existing piece and if done properly, the end result is totally badass.

Although blackwork tattooing may look straight forward, there's a good deal of technique and finesse that goes into it. You need to create consistent strokes, that way you'll create a smooth appearance over a visibly scratchy mess. You also need to work quickly, as this approach to tattooing can be pretty brutal for the client and you don't want them to tap out midway. Plus, you need to make sure your artist doesn't traumatize the skin, as this can create holidays and other inconsistencies.

Take a look at 75 (yes, 75) of our favorite blackwork tattoos from talented artists around the world. These artists all put their own spin on blackwork and they're creating bold, bulletproof ink that's built to last. Check out their masterpieces in the gallery below, then let us know if you'd go for a blackwork tattoo in the comments section on social media.