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While many artists aspire to create the most beautiful, delicate, or calming tattoos possible, 808 Gang Tattoo’s goal is to shock the masses. Based on many of the horror tattoos with a BDSM twist that he creates, we’d say he’s succeeded. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this Spanish sensation is that he’s only been tattooing for three years. Find out how Wario began his journey as an internationally recognized artist, his plan for the future of the tattoo industry and where he’ll be traveling throughout 2019.

When did you first pursue a career in tattooing and which artists were influential in your decision to become a tattooer?

I started tattooing three years ago. I’ve always loved drawing but once I got my first tattoo, I fell in love with [the medium]. The first piece I got was a portrait of my sister that Xavi Garcia Boix (an artist from Spain) did. From that moment, I got really interested in tattooing.

How would you describe your signature style and how have you developed it over time? 

My favorite style is black-and-grey realism, but I would describe my style as tattoos that provoke an impact or a reaction in the viewer that does not leave them feeling indifferent. Day by day, I have brought up my style to become more and more shocking.

Where do you find references for the BDSM tattoos you’ve created?

I try to mix porn, hentai and horror pictures together into one cohesive tattoo.

What’s the key to executing a black-and-grey realism tattoo?

The key to creating a black-and-grey realism tattoo is patience, cleanliness and having a clear concept of contrast.

When you hear the phrase, ‘the future of tattooing,’ what comes to mind and how do you see yourself fitting into it?

To be completely honest, I don’t know how tattooing is going to develop in a few years since I cannot predict the future. I just try to do my job by improving each day. Whatever might happen, I will try to adapt myself and do the best that I can.

What has been your favorite tattoo to work on and why?

I don't really have a favorite tattoo, but I do think some of them have changed my career for the better.

What advice were you given as an aspiring tattooer?

Stay humble, focus on improving each day and to not to let your guard down just because you can earn money.

Where do you hope to be in one year’s time?

I don't know, wherever my job takes me.

What’s up next for you and which cities will you be tattooing in next?

I'm going to Hong Kong this May and then I'm spending my summer in Canada; I go there every year. I might go to Chicago in September and I will go to Germany once again in October. I’m planning to go the Argentina and Uruguay conventions in November. That's everything for 2019.

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