Move over merkins, it’s time to wear your pubic hair for all the world to see! However, everything about this newest fashion statement is a bit unconventional — from the “fabric” used to the designer herself, Sarah Louise Bryan. Her story begins a while back, but we’ll pick it up about two years ago when Sarah was pretty much destitute and forced to leave her family’s home because she couldn’t pay the rent (nice parents).


Well, she showed them and produced a dress made exclusively out of skittles — a $10,000 dress made from 145 bags of Skittles held together with 90 tubes of glue.

As you can imagine, that dress went viral.


Her most recent fashion statement is the pubic hair dress! That’s right, a dress made completely from strangers pubic hair. Here’s how she did it…


With a request that went out over Twitter she received funds and funds of pubic hair “donations” male and female.


Sarah told the Daily Mail, 'It took about six months to make it and I worked from home. The base is made from a thin, steel material and it all folds up. I then stuck the hair on with a hot glue.


For a designer that has worked in odd mediums, when asked about pubic hair as a fabric she blurted out to the Daily Mail reported, 'It was absolutely awful working with that material. I put a ground sheet on the floor and sterilized the hair with a fluid then had to put it in really hot water to kill the bacteria - I didn't want to get crabs!

'The hair got everywhere at first and I actually questioned what I was doing - it was that disgusting. But then I bought an eye and face mask and it got a bit better.”


'I wanted to make a bigger top but I ran out of hair donations.'