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Not even a week after getting his infamous face tattoo "fixed up," Aaron Carter has revealed another shocking addition to his collection. While getting his hair colored by Los Angeles's Brandon Peach, Carter was spotted with a new and exciting tattoo on his face.

The new tattoo is above Carter's right brow and is the name of his current girlfriend, Melanie Martin. Carter and Martin have been together since (at least) January 2020, following Carter's unsuccessful relationships with model Jenna Shea (who appeared with Carter on the No Jumper podcast), model Jazz Egger and artist Lina Valentina. Carter frequently posts about Martin on his social media, sharing photographs of the pair cuddling in bed on his Instagram. Not only are these two all over each other on their public pages, but they're also both advertising premium content on Only Fans.

It's unclear which artist is responsible for Carter's latest and greatest face tattoo, but we hope this pair is built to last for the sake of his ink. The two were reportedly shopping for engagement rings prior to Carter getting the tattoo, with Carter showing off a $80,800 engagement ring on his Instagram story. Hopefully for Carter, his relationship will last, otherwise he'll be investing in removal or a savvy coverup for this controversial tattoo.

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