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Adam Levine is a very busy man. There's that whole being in a band thing as well as the judging folks on TV gig, so that doesn't leave a lot of room for getting tattooed. As we saw back in March, Levine is not against putting in a mammoth session to get his work done, and this past weekend he went and did it again. 

Levine revealed on Instagram that he finished off his second leg sleeve in a two-day session lasting over 13 hours. Bill Canales, a specialist in traditional Japanese tattoos, was the artist behind this epic piece. 

So far we haven't gotten a fully detailed look at the new tattoo, but we think we can piece together what's going on here. In the video above you can see Canales working on the details of a dragon around Levine's knee. When you combine this footage with a snippet Levine shared on his Instagram Story (see below) that shows what appears to be a koi fish. Using the principles of detection this leads us to believe that the sleeve tells the tale of the koi as it swims against the current and up a waterfall, whereupon he is rewarded for his efforts by turning into a dragon. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 11.09.03 AM

The tale is one of perseverance rewarded, the kind of inspiring story people have been getting tattooed for generations. Canale's work is a perfect compliment to the leg sleeve Nathan Kostechko completed on Levine earlier this year. 

Even those of you who hate on Maroon 5 have to tip your cap to Levine for the way he's planned out his tattoo collection. The man's got a vision and is making it happen. Not to mention that he's a pretty big tuff by sitting for so damn long to make that vision a reality.