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Yesterday, as most of you, Instagram was down and there was nothing we could do about it. This made my job difficult, however, it presented an opportunity for us to take a step away from our phones for a little while. Adam Levine certainly took advantage of the downtime, as he went ahead and got his throat tattooed.

On October 5th, once we could all finally return to scrolling and watching IG stories, Levine posted to Instagram to show off his latest and greatest tattoo— a black-and-grey butterfly in front of a spider web on the center of his throat. Levine shared the photo of the tattoo alongside the caption, "Wise man once said…'when Instagram goes down…tattoo your throat…' his name was @nathan_kostechko."

Nathan Kostechko is of course the tattoo artist behind Levine's new ink, who operates out of Los Angeles. Kostechko previously inked Levine back in January of 2020, tattooing a classic sacred heart onto the side of his neck. Levine has previously been inked by Sasha Masiuk, who tattooed flowers on the side of his neck, as well as Bryan Randolph—who's tattooed a number of pieces on Levine, including his traditional mermaid back piece.

What do you think of Adam Levine's newest tattoo? Would you tattoo your throat? Did you survive the great Instagram shutdown unscathed? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.