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Lexi Kaufman—known to the world as three-time WWE Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss—has spent a good chunk of her time in lockdown thinking about getting a new tattoo, just like all of us here at Inked. 

The thing that makes Bliss a little bit different than us is that she already has more tattoos than she can count... but while in the ring she appears to not have any at all. Her secret? White ink.

The WWE Superstar shared some of her ink on her Instagram over the weekend. Apparently there is a hidden Mickey Mouse somewhere in one of those tattoos, but I'll be damned if I could find it. It's like the sailboat all over again. 

White ink tattoos have been a controversial subject for quite some time within the tattoo community. After time, white ink can often end up turning a yellowish hue, which is why white ink is much more commonly used alongside other inks as opposed to being the primary color as seen in Bliss's work. 

But what if you work for an employer that has very tight restrictions on tattoos, like the WWE? WWE Superstars (their term for onscreen talent) have to receive permission from their employer before getting new tattoos. In some cases this makes a lot of sense. Imagine if John Cena decided to get a sleeve of brutal horror images... it would completely destroy the babyface character that Cena has been playing for over a decade. 

Yet, even when there is a good business reason behind the restrictions, it seems like a violation of personal liberty to ban employees to get tattoos. What Bliss has done is a very clever workaround the policy. Her tattoos are lightly colored, thus they are easy to cover up with just a little make up, if that's even necessary at all. Bliss gets to follow a passion of hers, getting tattooed, while not pissing off her employers. 

Good on ya, Alexa Bliss.