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Like they said on that popular show from the '90s, the truth is out there. And the truth we're talking about here is aliens. Thus, if you follow where we're going here, there are aliens out there. 

Now, I've never actual met any of these aliens, but I think that given the billions of stars in the universe, that there has to be one other planet with life. While the Fermi Paradox refutes this, basically saying that if there was life out there why haven't we been contacted yet, I hold fast to my belief in aliens. And I'm far from the only one. 

We live in a strange enough world already, the kind of world where the guitar player from Blink-182 dedicates his life to probing UFOs exist, only to have the US military eventually release three videos supporting him. If this has happened, why is it so bonkers to assume that there are aliens out there? 

Aliens have held a major place in our pop culture, particularly since the 1950s. Naturally, this means that there are a slew of people walking around Earth with alien tattoos. Some of them choose aliens that we've seen in movies or on TV, like the infamous fella below. 

Other alien tattoos come from popular theories about what the interstellar creatures will end up looking like. Unsurprisingly this means there are a lot of "Grays," the large-eyed fellas that we've been seeing for years. While it seems a bit egomaniacal of humans to imagine alien life looking so similar to us, Grays do look pretty cool, especially on a tie dye shirts and, as you'll see below, in the form of tattoos. 

Do you think aliens exist? Let us know on social media. And if you are reading this from an alien planet, please reach out to us. We'd love to feature you in our next issue.