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Looking to start 2020 will beautiful tattoo art? Well, while we can't promise you'll be getting tattooed any time soon, we can recommend a way to get your fix. And that's "All of Me is Illustrated." This tattoo art book combines the stories of Ray Bradbury, "The Illustrated Man" and "The Illustrated Woman," with 127 stunning photographs of tattoo collectors featuring work from top tier artists.


Tattoo artists Ryan Ashley Malarkey, TeeJ Poole, Tatu Baby, Steve Butcher, Paul Booth and many more showcase some of their best work within this books pages, showcasing the unbelievable diversity, ingenuity and strength of the industry.  "All of Me is Illustrated" not only shows where tattooing has been, it shows where the movement is going and that's a place of incredible art.

"All of Me Is Illustrated is the first book to feature Ray Bradbury’s treasured stories “The Illustrated Man” and “The Illustrated Woman” together alongside the most stunning tattooed bodies of today. Bradbury’s prose reminds us so wonderfully — and at times violently and humorously — how foolish it is to assume the origins and meanings behind a person’s tattoos. Just as with Bradbury’s characters, the motivations of the featured collectors and artists to ink (or be inked) vary. What is undeniable is that their illustrated bodies are a source of pride, wonder, titillation, and beauty, whether depicting the grotesque or the mundane."


Pre-order "All of Me is Illustrated" on the InkedShop and expect your copy by February 2020.

Conceived and directed by renowned photographer Lawrence Schiller

Curated by Inked creative director Ian Sami Hajar

Photographed by Inked photo director Peter Roessler

Introduction by tattoo historian Anna Felicity Friedman