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In season 9, the most recent season of American Horror Story, fans definitely noticed the change in casting. Many reported that without OG cast members Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, the show lacked the grit from previous seasons which drew viewers in to the twisted stories unfolding on the screen. If you weren't happy with season 9, don't swear off the next season of AHS yet, because this season's cast list might mean redemption is on the horizon. Show-runner Ryan Murphy shared season 10's cast list in a recent Instagram post, and the picks are promising!

First things first, both Paulson and Evans are set to return for season 10 of AHS. Joining them? None other than your childhood fav Macaulay Culkin is entering the twisted world that is Murphy's brain. Leaving the series is actress Emma Roberts, who has been playing lead roles on the show since its conception. Some fans are okay with this after Roberts got into a physical altercation with costar and then-boyfriend Evan Peters, which left both bruised and Peters bloodied. 

The reincorporation of Peters and Paulson is enough to inspire any former AHS fan to at least taste the new season, but for many people it is a specific character that speaks to them more-so than the actor. But Paulson and Evans have always been known to play their characters impeccably, making their characters some of the most iconic and tattoo worthy in the series. 

Do you have a favorite season of AHS? Which one?

Some fans think that Roberts has been carrying the show on her back for quite some time now, and are unhappy with the change in cast.

Who are you most excited to see on season 10 of AHS?