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In honor of Independence Day, July 4th, we're celebrating the United States with 15 of the best tattoo artists in America. These artists span from sea to shining sea and across the planes, occupying studios from great cities to quaint hamlets.  Take a look at just a small snippet of the talented tattooer America has to offer in the gallery below and let us know your favorite artist from the 50 states in the comments section.

Evan Olin, Providence RI

Jay Joree, Dallas TX

Bobby Cupparo, NYC NY

Tyler Malek, Keene NH

Paul Acker, Philadelphia PA

Miryam Lumpini, Los Angeles CA

Kelly Doty, Salem MA

Megan Massacre, NYC NY

Teej Poole, Mebane NC

Nikko Hurtado, Hesperia CA

Arlo Dicristina, Grand Junction CO

Josh Payne, Cortland NY

Anthony Michaels, Tuscon AZ

Chase Martines, Denver CO

Pony Lawson, Chicago IL