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We asked Angel Haze to document a month of her life for us and, as expected, the multi-talented artist created a beautiful scrapbook of her October. Enjoy.

Words and Photos by Angel Haze

Photo 1

Here i am learning to breathe sun again, watching a man whose life nears its end throw a line into the water asking what life it has to give. I felt the same.


You said clouds formed in your chest every time i touched you and if i was brave enough, id wish for forever on every fallen star inside you.

Photo 3

Sometimes i don't have words, they are just feelings crawling around in my skin looking for an exit.

Photo 4

When you see love, go get it fam.

Photo Oct 01, 9 52 34 AM

I found myself saying goodbye to all the different people ive been and hidden within. With all the strength it takes, i continue to choose my true path.

Photo Oct 04, 4 49 18 PM

It is my gift to bring the sky down to earth So that you may know heaven

Photo Oct 05, 3 08 15 AM

A painting im working on.

Photo Oct 09, 11 24 05 AM
Photo Oct 09, 11 22 19 AM

I want to open up

wider than ever before

So much so

everything flies home

and nothing that isnt good feels welcomed here

That i become empyrean stretched entirely over this complexed condition letting my heart beat sun my lungs be wind

A vision unwrapped and given again

Photo Oct 11, 4 20 50 PM
Photo Oct 11, 3 48 06 PM

Wind washed color everywhere but home.

Photo Oct 23, 12 42 50 AM

Theres something about the eyes and how they scream everything awake how they respond

when you really see them.

Photo Oct 25, 12 11 52 AM

you are always hiding

pushing your presence far

behind your heart

pressed like a tulip to your spine

you laugh all your feeling thin

until your body is a mist

a fever

of everything and nothing you can touch but i want you still

i want your blooming and spreading

to see the sun taste the tip of you drawing you out

the sound of your own spirit

asking to stay a while

Photo Oct 27

i told you id love you despite what i knew

your pricks and vines will not keep me from you i will reach for you

beyond the fear of you traveling yourself

pick you up from anywhere

in your collapsing mind..

and my love will carry you

even when youve lost your way

bathing in moon-shine

curled childishly into the heart of your feeling

I will show you a place

that can hold you

Photo Oct 27, 4 29 04 PM

A sound ive never heard crawled from my throat this morning. it tasted like nowhere ive ever been before

Photo Oct 27, 10 15 57 PM

When im with you

I dont know what my body is

I just know it was made to love

Photo Oct 28, 1 10 17 AM

Over time, ive been learning to really love and see myself. I think this is what my journey has been all about. Ive leaned into the world and outside of myself too many times to believe in one way. Ive learned that to be vulnerable is to live synchronized with God, always letting everything have its place. I dont hold on to fear anymore and thats the best part. Ive learned to let it have its place too.

Photo Oct 28, 1 14 01 AM
Photo Oct 28, 2 05 48 PM

Unhoused man thrown about by world Chasing birds

Standing between here and everywhere

Photo Oct 28, 3 24 47 PM
Photo Oct 28, 8 19 50 AM


Photo Oct 28, 11 23 21 PM

All of my friends are made of fire.

Photo Oct 28, 12 09 47 AM

I dont love you,

but you liberate me.

I climb up this chimney throat

And tell you everything

I thought was ash

You make me hungry

with lust

and everything red in this tender world I want to give you space

to come apart

and be received

to have the floors of your earth

licked clean

Photo Oct 28, 12 16 33 AM
Photo Oct 28, 12 22 46 AM

The world dances in my chest. Light jumps across the sands and somehow i feel home, placed securely in the seat of myself. It feels good to be revived, ready and roaring towards purpose again.

Photo Oct 29, 9 47 38 PM
Photo Oct 29, 9 39 08 PM
Photo Oct 29, 9 14 17 PM
Photo Nov 01, 12 44 25 AM

Friend dressed as the invisible man. We roamed the noise riddled streets of LA looking for anywhere to witness time passing.