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Celebrity brings a lot of perks—loads of money, special treatment, etc.—but it also has some odd side effects. One of the strangest of these is a relatively new development for today's stars—meeting somebody with a tattoo of your likeness. 

Angelina Jolie has likely experienced this more often than most. Not only is she beautiful, but she has appeared in some of the most beloved films of the last couple of decades. This past weekend, Jolie met a superfan with a tattoo of her face while attending a performance of "Dear Evan Hansen" in London. 

Alex Thomas isn't just any superfan, he's also a gifted actor himself. In his Instagram post, it is abundantly clear that Thomas was truly touched by the experience. "Today in WHAT IS MY LIFE, the beautiful Angelina Jolie came to 'Dear Evan Hansen,'" Thomas explains. "I showed her my tattoo of her, done by the wonderful @courtneylloydtattoos and she loved it, SIGNED IT, kissed me on the cheek and said she would be back to see my Evan show. I will never recover from this."

Thomas has yet to post an update, but in the comment section, he alluded to the possibility that he is going to be tattooing Jolie's signature on to his arm. That would be a perfect ending to this tattoo story.