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In anime, there's distinctive drawing style that sets it apart from other animations. Particularly, the way artists have leaned toward designing characters with large and expressive eyes. In anime and manga, a character's eyes tell a lot about what they're feeling. If they're excited, their eyes will appear bright and often shine with large catch lights. If they're feeling determined or empowered, their eyes will penetrate your soul and make you feel like YOU can take on the world. And of course, if they're feeling sad, you'll see their big eyes well with enough tears to fill up a bathtub.

Many artists influenced anime's iconic eyes, but Osamu Tezuka is often credited as the one who started it all. He's widely regarded as the father of manga and was best known for created the legendary Astro Boy character. Tezuka credited the character Betty Boop and the characters of early Walt Disney movies with inspiring his characters' large eyes. This style of eyes became a standard for anime as time went on, as it not only worked well for conveying different emotions but was a simple, therefore cheaper, way to animate. Today, many of the most popular anime feature characters with large eyes, such as "Sailor Moon," "Naruto," "Dragon Ball Z" and "Full Metal Alchemist."

In honor of the past, present and future of anime eyes, take a peek at 50 of our favorite tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite anime in the comments section on social media.