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Aaron Carter got another tattoo and is apparently leaving the country to go live in a Canadian “castle.”

This latest ink comes less than two weeks after the “I Want Candy” sweetheart tattooed up most of his face with a sub-par portrait inspired by Rihanna. In true Carter fashion the tattoo is huge, black, and takes up most of his neck.

It’s hard to make out exactly what the tattoo is supposed to be since the video is grainy as all hell and Carter's neck is still wrapped up, but it’s big, black and grey, and covers the formerly empty half of his neck/face. He already had a large tattoo on the other side of his neck from before his face piece.

This all comes on the tail of Carter buying what he’s calling a “castle” in Canada, where the singer says he will be moving. In the caption of his latest neck art, he includes that he's visiting Cali to move his things before heading back to Canada permanently. He previously posted a photo of the estate, stating that it has “8 bedrooms a REC ROOM, THOT TUB, a STUDY a fire place in every room. It comes with free maple syrup 4Life maple on tap.”

Would you ever get such large tattoos in this short amount of time?