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Rain may be a nuisance, ruining plenty of picnics, weddings and high school graduations. But in times like these, April's showers can actually seem pretty soothing. There's the sound of rain, whether it be streaming down a window pane, hitting a tin roof or collecting in puddles on the pavement. Then we have the smell of rain, which is called petrichor, which if you haven't smelled it, is a relaxing and earthy aroma. How about the feel? Sure, it's not always great getting caught in a rain storm without an umbrella—but as it turns to spring and summer, the cool droplets can be a nice relief to the scorching sun. And we can't forget the magic that happens when the rain clears up and the sun comes out, with a gorgeous rainbow stretching across the sky.

With all that to ruminate about, we've collected some of our favorite tattoos that showcase the nuanced beauty of rain. From wild and dangerous storms to gentle showers to subtle sprinkles, these tattoos run the gamut. Take a look at our favorite April Showers inspired tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.