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Ariana Grande has yet another tattoo and unsurprisingly, it's in an extremely visible place. Last night, while in NYC, Grande visited her go to artist—Fleur Noire's Mira Mariah. In the past, Mariah has tattooed a number  of original designs on Grande, including her crescent moon hand tattoo, the bee behind her war, and the leaves on her ribs. This time, Grande sought out Mariah for a small coverup on her right index finger and she showed off the finished piece on social media.

Grande got a small vine tattoo wrapping around her right index finger, which covers a previous design. The tattoo covered was the number "9 3/4," a prominent Harry Potter reference. Grande had the piece inked alongside ex fiancé Pete Davidson and the tattoo was first noticed by fans in her thank u, next music video.


What do you think of Ariana Grande's updated digit tattoo? Do you have finger tattoos? Would you get a matching tattoo with someone? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.