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While Us Weekly may attempt to hammer home the point that celebrities are "Just Like Us!", we all know that sentiment couldn't be further from the truth. This has become progressively clear during the COVID-19 lockdown as celebs post their quarantine selfies from places that are far more luxurious than most people will ever experience. There are perks to fame and money that just aren't available to to you and me, including, in the case of Ariana Grande, the ability to get tattooed recently. 

In a photo posted to her Instagram on Monday, Grande is sporting two intricately detailed butterflies on her arm. Have a look. 

The post is a promotion for Grande's upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber, "#stuckwithu," as Grande comments that it will arrive in four days. All proceeds from the single will go to a fund that will support children whose parents are first-responders effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But back to the tattoos, this is not the first time that fans have gotten a glimpse at a butterfly tattoo on Grande. During the Grammys some fans pointed out a tattoo peeking out from under her glove. The tattoo appeared to be a simple line drawing of a butterfly.

It's possible that Grande had merely had one session on the tattoo, and she has since had it finished and expanded upon. But, take a close look at the two photos, something appears off—the butterfly outline appears to be on Grande's left arm, while the new butterfly tattoos are on her right arm. Unless one of the photos has been flipped, which is definitely a possibility, the tattoos reside on different arms. 

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