Throughout the last several months of 2018, Ariana Grande got too many tattoos to count. From matching pieces with her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson to tattoos in homage to the late Mac Miller, it seemed like Grande was in and out of an artist's chair every week. And throughout Grande's tattoo journey, we learned a lot about her and were shocked by some of her secret passions. 

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One of these secret passions is anime, as revealed through the Spirited Away tattoo that was seen on Grande's forearm during her thank u, next music video. And just this past weekend, Grande got yet another tattoo based on a popular anime character.

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Grande sought out the skills of Los Angeles' Kane Navasard, a fine-line black-and-grey artist who operates a private studio. The tattoo, as you can tell from the photo above, references Eevee, one of the original 151 Pokémon characters. Eevee was first introduced in 1996 through the video games Pokémon Red and Blue, going on to become one of the most beloved characters in the history of the franchise. Grande has shown her appreciation for Eevee on social media throughout the years, most notably as a Halloween costume alongside Mac Miller. 

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What do you think about Ariana Grande's new tattoo? Did you know that she's a fan of anime? Who's your favorite Pokémon character? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions on this story in the comments section on Facebook.