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Ariana Grande's nearly ten month long Sweetener World Tour has finally come to an end, and the tiny pop star is ending with a bang—she released a live album. 

You might have seen the tattoos that Grande and her producers got at the end of their tour, but fans weren't expecting the release of a live album. The live album is titled "k bye for now (swt live)," along with a tweet saying "something to say thank you." 

The end of the tour, especially one so long, is obviously emotional for the artist and everyone involved in putting on the production. To commemorate their time together, the artists and her producers got tattoos on their hands on top of releasing the live album. 

Grande has had some very scary tours, and this is her first time touring since a terrorist attack occurred at one of her shows—so the end of a tour that was happy and safe is a relief to everyone.