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Armband tattoos are an extremely popular request in tattoo shops and they have been for many decades. One of the first celebrities to rock an armband (or in this case, a wrist band) was Janis Joplin, who had an elegant bracelet piece by Lyle Tuttle. Armbands surged during the 1990s, particularly barbed wire bands. Pamela Anderson was one of the first big stars to rock a barbed wire armband, inspiring thousands of tattoo collectors worldwide. We've also seen numerous tribal armbands over the years, as made popular by singers such as Nick Lachey.

Today, many collectors continue to flock to armband tattoos and have embraced individual styles. We continue to see simplistic approaches, such as a solid black band, but others have taken a more creative approach by including flowers, geometric designs and abstract brush strokes. And as history would show, many of our favorite stars have continued to rock armbands including Jason Momoa, Zayn Malik and Mary J Blinge. Take a peek at the gallery below to check out 50 of our favorite armband tattoos from talented tattooers around the world. Then let us know if you have an armband tattoo of your own in the comments section on social media.